Posts From January, 2017

Let It Go!

Just this title has brought the now famous song lyrics into your head… probably to stay there all day. Sorry about that but, that movie’s wintery theme is the perfect back drop to discuss the benefits of letting go. We have all heard it a million times: Accept the things you cannot change. It’s easier […]

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

It’s so tempting to give into cravings for heavy, rib-sticking foods during the long winter months. But, beware! Winter weight gain is a real deal. This recipe will warm you up without weighing you down! A simple chili recipe packed with flavor is perfect for apres ski and has just enough heat to melt your […]

Achieving the Outcome of a Facelift Without Surgery

Perhaps you are one of many who want to get the skin tightening and rejuvenating results of a facelift but are reluctant to go under the knife. You are not alone! Surgery can be scary. Lucky for you, there are many non surgical options that can get you similar, amazing results. Non surgical facelift, or […]

Dr. Jensen Wants What's Best for You

Hi my name is Amey Brown. I’m the Office Manager for Dr. Jensen. I would recommend Dr. Jensen for any opportunity that you have to meet with him. He’s a genuine, genuine guy. And you can definitely trust anything that he says. When you come to him you actually feel like he genuinely cares about […]

Dermal Fillers Put the Plump Back in Your Profile

In our youth oriented society, it seems that younger, fresher and more beautiful people make more money, get better jobs, and date better people. It’s not fair, but it’s true. So, we ask you, what are you waiting for? You can have a little help or a lot, but you don’t have to wonder if […]

Dr. J's Journal – January Issue

The tree and decorations are back in the garage – that means it’s time to get back on track. We can all take better care of ourselves and, just maybe, skip the typical winter weight gains. On that note, yes, it’s cold, but don’t let that stop you from chilling with us – in the […]

Winning Over Winter Weight

Every year, on average, people gain two pounds over the Holidays. This may not seem like much but, on average, people don’t lose those pounds throughout the year. Over time that adds up! This year we are determined to not let the winter weight gain win! While it is only natural to want to snuggle […]

We’re Not Afraid of the Cold! Come and Chill With Us!

By now you have likely heard about the fat reduction system that is sweeping the nation… CoolSculpting®! Here at Dr. Jensen’s office we have been using CoolSculpting for our patients (and Dr. Jensen himself!) with great success! It’s so exciting that it deserves a party… and you are invited to come and chill with us! […]

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