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5 Surprising Ways to Beat the Heat
Jul 25

5 Surprising Ways to Beat the Heat

WOW! It’s hot out there! Keeping cool becomes top priority when that mercury rises, and we are here to offer you some creative (and even fun) ways to beat the heat!

  1. Dowse it! When the air outside is cooler and drier than the air inside, hang a wet sheet over an open window. Why? The incoming breeze will be cooled by the moisture! Speaking of curtains, if you close yours it could stop as much as 45% of the heat coming through your windows, saving you energy!
  2. Give yourself a spritz! Keep a spray bottle of water in the refrigerator and spritz yourself when the heat gets too hot. Add a little mint extract for a refreshing scent!
  3. Shut her down! Properly shutting down your tech toys when you are finished, is good for them and you! Besides, working with a laptop on your lap gets HOT!
  4. Wear it out! Wearing the appropriate fabrics is essential for summer comfort. Lightweight cotton is the best and breeziest but new tech in textiles can help cool your jets. Wicking fabrics made for active wear are engineered for cooling. Yoga pants for life, am I right?
  5. Eat light! There’s a good reason we reach for salads in the summer. Fruits and vegetables have lots of water in them and they help keep us hydrated during those sweaty summer months.

So stay cool, people. With these tips, you are bound to beat the heat this summer!

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