Dr. Jensen’s Third Expert Guest Appearance on Studio 5

Hey, fans of Studio 5! Check out Dr. Joseph Jensen’s segment talking about varicose veins! It was fun and informative and a great introduction to Dr. Jensen himself. Read below for a quick synopsis and watch the video for more. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more videos about the services that Dr. Jensen offers.
As summer comes around, we break out the capris, shorts, and swimsuits. For those suffering with varicose veins, those legs might stay covered up! But the unsightly appearance of those bulging veins isn’t the only reason to seek treatment – varicose veins can be a result of a more serious condition known as venous insufficiency.
Venous insufficiency is a condition that is thought to be hereditary and can cause varicose veins, debilitating pain, swelling, and even venous ulcers. Many women experience venous insufficiency due to pregnancy or progesterone. Not to worry, the solution is pretty simple.

Dr. Jensen has been treating varicose veins in his clinic for more than 12 years. Patients are delighted that they can walk out from their appointment with just a few needle pokes and no more varicose veins. Some problems stem from bulging inside veins and some are surface. Dr. Jensen is experienced in treating both types. Formerly, varicose vein treatment required many incisions but not anymore. The procedure is so simple that most anyone suffering from varicose veins can get the relief they need – and fast!
See Dr. Joseph Jensen’s website for more information or call 385-424-4567 for more information.

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