Fat Transfer Just Became Much Easier

Just about everyone has some pockets or areas of unwanted fat that they wouldn’t mind magically moving to a location on their figure where they could use a little plumping.

Fat transfer does that. But the process has typically been inefficient as much of the fat removed is of a quality where it doesn’t take when transferred to a new location.

Dr. Jensen now offers the latest solution to this issue with fat transfer. It’s called BeautiFill, and it is the first laser-based system designed to optimize the process, time, and quality of autologous fat transfer for complete aesthetic contouring. Dr. Jensen is the first practice in Utah to offer BeautiFill.

What is BeautiFill?

This new device from Alma Lasers only debuted in March. BeautiFill combines laser energy, suction, and fat processing into one simple step. BeautiFill allows Dr. Jensen to quickly harvest and process high-quality fat for immediate reimplantation to address volume loss.

Fat transfer has involved using liposuction to remove the fat from an unwanted area. The fat then must be separated from the blood and other liquids that are taken during the process. This process has typically degraded much of the fat, making it less successful when transferred to a new location. This made for unpredictable results.

BeautiFill instead uses a single closed system. Dr. Jensen removes the fat using a proprietary conical tip cannula that has a laser fiber encased in a protective glass sheath. This design diffuses the laser power to protect the adipose cells and it allows the energy to be distributed in a circular radius. This laser-assisted liposuction provides the thermal environment that softens and detaches the fat cells for effortless separation, which ensures more of the fat cells survive for transfer. It also makes for a higher percentage of fat taken versus blood.

The BeautiFill system is a closed-loop fat transfer system that combines laser energy + aspiration + processing into one simple step. This not only reduces the time needed for the entire fat transfer procedure, but it ensures the least amount of disruption to the fat cells.

In tests, BeautiFill delivered over 95% viable fat cells for transfer. This compares to under 80% viability of fat harvested through a traditional separate liposuction procedure and then processed. With BeautiFill, Dr. Jensen harvests the fat and it is stays within the closed-loop system. Then it can be used to augment volume in a variety of areas on the body, from the buttocks to under-eye hollows, from the backs of the hands to the cheeks.

Are you interested in fat transfer? Call Dr. Jensen at (801) 728-9258 and ask about our brand new BeautiFill system.  

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