How to Get Rid of Spider Veins

Heeeeeeyyyy, nice legs!
Or at least they would be, if only those nasty varicose and spider veins weren’t creeping up around your ankles and knees. Wanna know how to get rid of spider veins and varicose veins and earn those cat calls once again? Dr. Joseph Jensen has several treatments that can help improve the appearance of those dark bulging veins on your legs. The one we will be discussing today is called sclerotherapy.
A simple outpatient, in-office procedure, sclerotherapy is nearly pain-free and is done in as little as 30 minutes. Carefully, Dr. Jensen uses tiny needles to inject a solution into the affected vein. The injection causes the vein to shut down, the blood to clot, and, over time, the spider veins to fade from view. No surgery, no knives – just results! If your vein doctor is recommending incisions and physically removing your varicose veins, you are seeing the wrong doctor.
Now that you know the best way to get rid of spider veins and varicose veinscall Dr. Jensen! As a skilled surgeon, he knows the correct procedures to get the results you need. Call today to schedule your consultation and find out if Sclerotherapy is the solution you’ve been looking for to remove your unsightly varicose and spider veins once and for all!!
Speaking of beautiful skin… let’s talk skin care. Sorting through all of the skin care options on the market can leave you feeling tired and frustrated. They all make grand claims of miraculous results and younger skin! “Even skin tone! No more wrinkles! Take 20 years off your face!” All of which seem like lies once we actually try them – that is, until now.
The Alastin® skin care line has been shown to enhance both elastin and collagen. In fact, it is stated in human histological studies that “no other skin care line has demonstrated such a significant level of enhancement in elastin production in the skin via biopsy.” What does that mean for you? It means that these skin care products can actually help give you younger, tighter, fresher looking skin. It means that Dr. Jensen has combed through the barrage of skin care products to find the perfect one to work for YOU!
Now you know how to get rid of spider veins and varicose veins AND how to achieve the youthful, glowing look your skin deserves. Call now to schedule your sclerotherapy consultation… and while you’re at it, take advantage of our February Special: 15% OFF all Alastin® Skin Care products all month long!

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