New Laser Technology Gives the Same Great Results, In an Easier Treatment

Beautiful girl with curled tail on her head Along with the loss of elasticity, aging can also cause the surface of your skin to look dull and unhealthy. A regular cosmetic routine at home can slow the progression of worn skin but may not be strong enough to get down to the fresh and healthy layer below.

Chemical peels have been used for many years to remove the damaged and worn top layer of skin. These aesthetic treatments are safe, with minimal risks. However, some do not like the discomfort caused by some of the chemicals used and want to avoid the time after when the skin will begin to flake and peel.

Laser energy has been used as a chemical-free alternative to creating the same effect. Previously, laser treatments fell into two categories. Ablative lasers remove relatively more of the skin layer, requiring a more extended recovery period after each treatment. Non-ablative and fractional lasers are much gentler but, in many cases, do not reach deep enough below the damaged skin.

The Opus Plasma System uses a similar laser energy of the ablative type but affects the skin more like the fractional laser systems. Where both of the older laser systems relied on the laser energy aimed directly on the skin, the Opus Plasma Systems uses laser energy to create a small area of plasma at the end of the hand-piece.

Instead of the laser energy directly affecting the skin, the plasma created at the end of the hand-piece creates a much more focused and controlled zone of thermal energy, which removes the damaged or worn layer of skin and stimulates the healing process of the body to create and reveal fresh and healthy skin.

As Dr. Joseph Jensen applies a strong topical anesthetic cream before the treatment, there is much less discomfort than in other laser treatments.

If you have worn or damaged skin that does not go away with at-home treatments, call Dr. Joseph Jensen at Elevation Aesthetics in Layton, UT, at 385-424-4567 or visit to see how the Opus Plasma System can safely and quickly reveal healthy and radiant skin.

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