The Miracle of Cosmetic Lasers

Have you always wanted to have beautiful skin with a youthful shine? But the mirror shows you’ve got brown spots where it should be clear?
Whether they are freckles or the frightening age spots called hyper-pigmentation, there’s no way you want them hanging around and having a blast in your epidermis (the upper layer of the skin).
Well, you can tell those bad boys that the party is over! Dr. Jensen can help break up those annoying brown spots once and for all.
How Does it Work?
To eliminate the brown spots, Dr. Jensen will use the most advanced Picosecond laser technology to carefully focus intensive light waves on selected brown spots. The pigments in the brown spots will then absorb the laser light and begin to heat up.
Normally, it will take a few days for the affected pigment to break down into tiny particles. Once this happens, your skin will effortlessly get rid of the pigments during exfoliation — a natural healing process where dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface peels off.
Call our office today at (801) 728-9258 for a free consultation and see if we can help bring that youthful shine back to your skin!

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