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Spider & Varicose Vein Treatment
varicose vein treatment utah

Spider & varicose vein treatment: more than cosmetic.

What Is It?

If you’re noticing unwanted lines creeping up your legs or face, you may be experiencing the onset of spider veins. Dr. Joseph Jensen is Utah’s expert vein treatment doctor. Spider Veins can be painful and keep you from performing ordinary tasks, or they could be the start to a more severe case of varicose veins. Whether due to age, genetics, or your occupation, spider veins (though smaller than varicose veins) occur when valves within the vein walls become damaged, causing blood to accrue within the vein.

More common in women than men, spider veins typically present as small red, purple, or blue vessels that twist and turn and are visible through the skin. Symptoms include minor itching to serious pain. Left untreated, symptoms will worsen overtime and more painful varicose veins may develop.

Varicose veins occur when valves within vein walls become damaged, causing the blood to accrue within the veins themselves. This causes the veins to stretch and visibly enlarge. Varicose veins are often associated with age, but they can also be caused by genetics, standing in place for long periods of time, and lack of exercise. Other contributing factors include obesity and heavy lifting. Without treatment, symptoms can worsen over time.

The good news? Spider veins and varicose veins can be treated! Whether you’re looking for sclerotherapy or varicose vein surgery, contact Jensen’s practice today for an appointment and find out which minimally invasive procedure will get you back to your energetic self.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Joseph Jensen DO is established as the premier vein care surgeon in the west, often proctoring other doctors in the appropriate methods. He is dedicated to providing his patients comfort and ease of mind. Through your consultation, Jensen will determine what treatment would be best for you. Spider veins are treated with a non-invasive laser approach. Dr. Jensen’s lasers provide the latest technology to remove unwanted spider veins. Spider veins can also be treated with sclerotherapy if the patient so chooses.

If it is determined you have varicose veins requiring a more comprehensive treatment, Jensen uses endovenous ablation to treat the vein or veins causing the problem. Endovenous ablation of a vein is accomplished by advancing a tiny flexible catheter through the vein to be treated. After the vein has been completely anesthetized, the catheter emits radio frequency energy which causes the vein to close and eventually disappear. This is a minimally-invasive, typically painless, outpatient procedure using local anesthesia that will allow you to be out and about in no time.

Patients who undergo laser or closure procedures generally recover faster and experience little to no scarring. Soon, you could be feeling better and, walking, running, and riding a bike with little to no pain and discomfort. Make an appointment today to decide which of these advanced procedures could benefit you.

Stop spider veins in their tracks and call us today!

Dr. Jensen and his fantastic team are anxious to get you on the road to a happier you. Call today, meet Dr. Jensen, and plan your procedure.


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Spider & Varicose Veins

Not only do spider veins pose a cosmetic threat to your body, they can be the beginning of a more serious varicose vein problem.