Winter is a Great Time for Laser Liposuction

shutterstock 452934046 Fat has a funny way of hanging around. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, odds are there are at least a couple areas on your figure where you have stubborn accumulations of fat. The lower abdomen, the upper thighs, the flanks, under the chin. Those are the common areas, but different people have different areas such as on their bra line. 

Dr. Jensen can do something about it by adding laser energy to liposuction in a procedure known as SmartLipo. As we enter a long Utah winter, this is a great time to schedule your SmartLipo session with us. 

What is SmartLipo? 

The FDA approved adding laser energy to liposuction was back in 2006 with SmartLipo. Dr. Jensen has been performing the procedure for about 12 years. In laser liposuction, a medical-grade laser is inserted into the target area first. The laser energy works to break up and melt some of the fat cells before the cannula is inserted to suction them away. 

Why is SmartLipo better than traditional liposuction? 

The addition of laser energy improves upon liposuction. By introducing the laser energy first, the fat is easier to suction away. This allows Dr. Jensen to use a smaller cannula for SmartLipo. That means smaller incisions and less tissue trauma and subsequent bruising than with traditional liposuction. 

Laser liposuction also has a secondary advantage — the laser energy introduced under the skin creates the classic “wound-healing” reaction in the body, where new supplies of collagen are produced to heal the perceived wounds, even though there aren’t any actual wounds. The body perceives this because the heat from the laser energy. When the body senses heat in the dermis layer of the skin it assumes a wound has occurred, and it responds with skin repair mechanisms. This increase in collagen tightens, firms, and thickens the skin, which is a great secondary benefit of SmartLipo. 

How does Dr. Jensen perform SmartLipo? 

Dr. Jensen first injects the target area with a tumescent solution consisting of small amounts of saline solution, epinephrine, and lidocaine. This solution creates space by swelling the area. The lidocaine provides local anesthetic, and the epinephrine acts to constrict the blood vessels in the area, creating far less blood loss and subsequent bruising. 

Next, Dr. Jensen makes one or more tiny incisions through which he can insert the laser and then the cannula. A thin wire delivering the laser energy is inserted first and is moved around so that the laser energy can directly contact the fat cells, rupturing the cell walls. This energy will also provide the skin tightening in the following weeks. 

Now the laser is withdrawn, and Dr. Jensen inserts the slim cannula. This suctions away the liquefied fat and most of the tumescent solution. Any remaining melted fat or tumescent solution is absorbed by the body. 

Interested in SmartLipo during this winter? Call Dr. Jensen at (385) 300-8026 to set up a consultation.

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