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Patients of Dr. Jensen are looking for natural-looking results that endure. That’s the problem with dermal fillers — they only last a year or so in most cases. Fat transfer has always provided a long-lasting solution, but the amount of fat that successfully “takes” can vary wildly, making for inconsistent results.

To change that problem, Dr. Jensen is proud to add the BeautiFill™ Laser from Alma Lasers to his Layton practice. BeautiFill™ combines liposuction, skin tightening, and highly successful fat transfer.

What Is BeautiFill™?

BeautiFill™ is a laser-based system that combines liposuction, skin tightening, and fat grafting into a single convenient appointment. BeautiFill™ uses a proprietary laser system engineered to loosen and harvest live fat cells from common problem areas such as the abdomen, hips, flanks, and thighs. This fat is then re-injected into areas where volume loss has occurred, such as the cheeks.

The problem with fat transfer/grafting has always been the viability of the fat. In clinical studies, BeautiFill™ reported amazing success rates, an average of 95 percent successful fat survival. This contrasts with typical fat transfer success rates in the 60-70 percent range. That has always been what has held back fat transfer — the inconsistency of results. That has changed with BeautiFill™.

The third aspect of BeautiFill is skin tightening. When the laser energy is used to make the fat easier to remove during the liposuction procedure, it triggers a wound response under the skin. The body thinks it has been wounded and responds by producing new collagen and elastin, which tightens and improves the skin. So, once the fat is removed, the skin also tightens down thanks to the laser energy.

How Does BeautiFill™ Work?

BeautiFill™ is a simple in-office procedure with Dr. Jensen. The patient is given local tumescent anesthesia (a mix of saline solution, lidocaine, and epinephrine) across the liposuction area, generally the abdomen, hips, flanks, or thighs. The cannula is then inserted and it delivers laser energy to gently loosen the fat cells. They are then harvested by the cannula. The laser energy has a couple different immediate benefits. First, it cauterizes blood vessels, which minimizes bleeding and subsequent bruising, hallmarks of traditional liposuction procedures. Without the trauma and bleeding, patients recovery much more quickly. The laser energy also triggers the body to remodel the existing collagen in the area and create new collagen and elastin to tighten the skin across the treated areas.

The harvested fat is immediately filtered and stored in the BeautiFill™ system. The gentle laser-assisted energy combined with the fat cells being undisturbed makes for an incredibly successful rate of fat vitality. In clinical testing, BeautiFill™ achieved fat vitality rates over 95 percent. This means that the inconsistency that is a hallmark of other fat transfer procedures is not a problem with BeautiFill™.

The final step is for Dr. Jensen to place the harvested, filtered fat cells into a series of smaller syringes. This fat is then injected into areas where the patient has suffered volume loss, such as the cheeks, areas around the mouth, undereye hollows, and the breasts.

The BeautiFill™ Treatment

These treatments deliver three results for our patients:

They are body-contouring procedures, as they use liposuction to remove unwanted fat from areas such as the abdomen or the flanks.
They are skin-tightening procedures, as the laser energy delivered by the cannula initiates a skin tightening response in the skin.
They are fat transfer procedures, as the harvested fat is injected into areas where volume has been lost, such as the cheeks, with a very high success rate.

How Long Does The BeautiFill™ Treatment Take?

These treatments are very efficient. Generally, a BeautiFill™ treatment with Dr. Jensen can take just around an hour. This does depend on the areas being treated, so there can be some variation.

Results Of BeautiFill™

These are permanent changes. BeautiFill’s liposuction component removes fat cells permanently. They are gone for good. Fat transfer is also considered to be permanent or very long duration. This is predicated on the fat cells acquiring a blood supply and “taking,” but as described above, the BeautiFill™ system has a 95 percent success rate of the fat establishing itself and remaining in place.

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The only aspect of BeautiFill™ that is not permanent is the skin-tightening component, as the increased collagen and elastin production lasts for a period of about three months. By that point, however, the skin has tightened down over the slimmer contours and should remain firmer and slimmer.

Hands down Dr Jensen is amazing. I’ve had a few procedures done and he is a perfectionist (in a good way). I would for sure go back and suggest him. He was so good about call g me back when something came up that needed attention. His office staff was great

- A.M.

What is the BeautiFill™ Recovery Time?

Recovery is minimal. Because the laser-assisted cannula doesn’t have to be moved about to break loose the fat cells, there is only minimal disruption under the skin in the treatment areas. This limits bruising and trauma to a degree that most patients can return to work or normal activities in just a couple of days. The areas where the fat is injected don’t require a recovery. There can be some slight bruising at the liposuction sites and the injection sites, but it runs its course in a week or so.

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