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Sagging skin and excess fat that hangs under the upper arm area, referred to as "bat wings," can create feelings of dissatisfaction and self-consciousness. The backs of the arms can be difficult to tone and tighten, especially after losing a significant amount of weight. This is because exercise can only tone the muscle. It may not successfully reduce fat, nor can it tighten the skin and fascia. Brachioplasty can refine the shape of the arms by manually tightening and trimming tissue and removing excess fat. We are proud to offer arm lift surgery to patients in the Layton area.

What is a Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty, known as arm lift surgery, is a type of plastic surgery that trims sagging skin from the upper arms. More than a simple trimming procedure, Brachioplasty restores shape and proportion to the upper arms as the area relates to the lower arms and chest. To achieve the ideal shape for the individual patient, the doctor may include liposuction in the process to remove lingering fat before tightening the skin around the underlying muscle. This procedure may be appropriate for people of all ages and a wide range of body types. It isn't necessary to be an ideal weight, necessarily, though the procedure should not be performed until the weight has been stable for several months.

To customize the procedure to the patient, Dr. Jensen may perform standard Brachioplasty, extended Brachioplasty, or mini Brachioplasty.

  • Standard Brachioplasty involves a discreetly placed incision that runs from the top of the armpit area to the elbow.
  • Extended Brachioplasty involves an incision in the same area inside the arm, but that also branches off from the armpit toward the chest.
  • Mini Brachioplasty is performed through a small incision in the armpit area alone.
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Who is a Candidate for a Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is more commonly performed on women who have become concerned about the way the skin on the backs of their arms sags and jiggles. This tissue can thin with age, just like all of the tissue on the body. Weight loss can exacerbate the condition of the upper arms, and exercise doesn't always help to the degree one may wish that it would. Patients interested in revealing the muscle tone that lies beneath fat and loose skin can benefit from the arm lift procedure. During our consultation, we perform a thorough medical history review and examination to ensure that each patient can safely undergo anesthesia and will recover well from surgery. In addition to being in good general health, patients mustn't smoke or must be willing to quit several weeks before surgery. It is also important to understand what Brachioplasty recovery involves and what it requires of the patient and their support team. Patients must know what they can and cannot do and where they may need help and must be able to follow through with their post-operative care instructions. Finally, during the consultation visit, the doctor sets realistic expectations with each patient based on their current condition and desired outcome.

How Much Skin is Removed during an Arm Lift Surgery?

During Brachioplasty surgery, the doctor removes an elliptical segment of skin from the inside of the back of the arm. The skin is pulled snug around the underlying muscle to create a smooth, firm contour, and the excess is trimmed. The two new edges are joined and stabilized with stitches.

Where Are the Scars from a Brachioplasty?

Regardless of the extensiveness of a given Brachioplasty procedure, incisions are always made in the most discreet area possible. This is along the inside of the back of the arm. So, when the arms are at the sides, scars cannot be seen. Initially, Brachioplasty scars appear red and may be slightly raised or swollen. Not long after surgery, once the incisions have fully closed, patients may begin a scar treatment program to help fade the red lines as quickly and successfully as possible. It can take up to a year for scars to fade to a point at which they are very light. Regardless of the resulting scars, Brachioplasty patients most often report that they are very happy with the outcome of their surgery.

What Are the Potential Risks for an Arm Lift?

The Brachioplasty procedure should be performed only by a board-certified surgeon with direct training and experience with this surgical technique. Regardless of training and qualification on the surgeon's part, there is some degree of risk in all surgeries. When compared to other medical procedures, the risks associated with arm lift surgery is quite low. It is important to know what they are before deciding to undergo surgery. Getting informed is the best way to reduce the stress and anxiety that may occur before Brachioplasty. Some of the complications that patients should be aware of include anesthesia risks, bleeding,  infection, changes in skin sensation that do not resolve right away, seroma or hematoma, asymmetry, and poor wound healing resulting in visible scarring.

To minimize the risks of complications during and after Brachioplasty, patients should take care in choosing the most qualified surgeon and should follow both their pre-operative and post-operative health guidelines. Critical points include avoiding smoking and tobacco use before and after surgery and wearing compression as directed for as long as directed after surgery.

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