Liposuction/Smart Lipo in Layton, Utah

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the most effective treatment modality that exists in the world of cosmetic surgery today. No other treatment is as effective as liposuction for fat removal and body contouring. Liposuction allows for a skilled practitioner to create a desired shape through the direct removal of subcutaneous fat. There are newer modalities available which do lead to fat loss but none of these modalities match the effectiveness of liposuction and none of these modalities allow for the customization in contouring that is capable with liposuction. During the treatment, I can remove exactly the amount of fat that the patient and I have decided is best. I can also taper in and smooth out fat treatment areas with liposuction in a way that other modalities are not capable of doing. Liposuction has been a primary body contouring procedure for decades because of its effectiveness.

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Over the years, I have developed a unique expertise in liposuction. Excellent results with liposuction require dedication and effort on the part of the entire surgical team but that is especially important with the doctor. I know, from my experience, that to achieve a significant amount of fat removal with customized contouring of each area, a surgeon must be willing to work until perfection has been achieved. This is not always easy and does not always come fast. This is where my artistic eye and my blue-collar ethic will not let me stop until I am happy with the results.

How Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction is a procedure that can be done in the office under local anesthesia. Some type of sedative may or may not be used. Once I have reviewed the exact goals of the procedure and marked the patient, the area in question is cleaned with a skin antiseptic. Local anesthesia is placed in specific locations where I make a very small skin incisions. I then fill the treatment area with very dilute numbing solution. Once the fat to be suctioned has been numbed, I insert a thin cannula which has suction attached, through the small incision. As I move the cannula through the treatment area, fat is being suctioned out. The goal is to achieve a desired shape through removal of the perfect amount of fat. Once I feel like the result is close, I will stand the patient so that I can see how the final product looks, in the standing position. I am able to mark places that need more suctioning or more smoothing. The patient lies down and I resume smoothing and tapering. I repeat this process until I feel like I’ve reached a perfect result. This takes time and effort. This is a critical step in perfecting the patient’s shape. No part of our body looks the same lying down as it does standing up.

What Is Laser Liposuction or Smart Liposuction?

Laser liposuction is the same as traditional liposuction with one added step. With traditional liposuction the general steps are that the treatment area is first anesthetized, then the liposuction begins. With laser liposuction, the treatment area is anesthetized in the same way, but before starting the liposuction, laser energy is deposited through the area that is to be suctioned. There are some theoretical benefits in adding the laser energy to the treatment areas. Those include the potential for less bleeding, less swelling, more fat removal and a small amount of skin tightening. This is an area of controversy. Many liposuction practitioners do not believe that the addition of laser energy helps them achieve a better overall result. The argument against using laser energy for liposuction is that there is usually much more scarring in the treatment area which can lead to contour irregularities or unevenness. This can be difficult to correct in a patient with lots of scarring in their subcutaneous fat. Also, the laser fiber usually adds at least $1000 to the procedure. Another issue is that whatever time is used in the lasering is time that cannot be used in smoothing out or contouring an area.

I normally only use laser energy for liposuction when the liposuction is being done for fat transfer. We do have the capability of performing a traditional liposuction or laser liposuction for patients. As always, the way we proceed is based entirely upon what is best for the patient.

Am I a Candidate For Liposuction?

You probably are. You will have to come and meet with me. I will thoroughly review your medical history. I will need to know what medications you take or that you have been prescribed, your surgical history and any other pertinent information which can affect your safety. To be a candidate for any cosmetic surgical procedure, you need to achieve an average exercise tolerance and you must not have any medical problems that are not well-controlled by your physician. You do not have to be in perfect shape or at your ideal body weight but you do have to be well enough that I can take care of you in a safe manner. When we meet, I will take all of these things into consideration and together, we will come up with the plan that will most efficiently meet your goals.

Is Abdominal Liposuction Right for Me?

Liposuction is a popular procedure done to sculpt the midsection, where abdominal fat can persist regardless of diet and exercise habits. Liposuction may be performed alone in this area or as a part of a more comprehensive treatment that includes a tummy tuck.

If you're considering abdominal liposuction, it's important to understand that this treatment only removes one type of fat that exists in the midsection. Here, you may have subcutaneous fat, which can be removed with liposuction, and visceral fat, which cannot. Both types of fat can alter your appearance. Subcutaneous fat is the fatty tissue that lives between your skin and the abdominal muscle. Visceral fat lives under the abdominal muscle and may surround organs.

During your consultation with Dr. Jensen, you'll discover which type of fat is present and how much sculpting he expects he can achieve using the techniques that are most appropriate for you.

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With Liposuction?

Liposuction can be used to remove troublesome subcutaneous fat from most areas of the body. I perform liposuction of the neck, arms, bra bulge, side boob, flanks, lower back, hips, abdomen, pubic area and of the legs. Popular liposuction areas in the legs include the inner thighs, outer thighs and knees.

How Does Fat Transfer Work With Liposuction?

Transferring fat from an unwanted area to a wanted area can be performed at the time of liposuction. The most common areas that people want fat transferred to are the breasts and the buttocks. Fat transfer to the buttocks is known as BBL and fat transfer to the breasts is also referred to as natural breast augmentation. During liposuction, the fat is filtered and separated in such a way that it is optimized for reinjection into another part of the body. Once the liposuction is complete, the area to receive the fat transfer is locally anesthetized and then the fat is evenly distributed through the recipient site. Natural breast augmentation or fat transfer to the breast is capable of adding 1-2 cup sizes per treatment. This avoids having to live with implants and their inherent risks. Fat transfer to the buttocks can give a person roundness and fullness of the buttocks that has been missing.

Another aspect of liposuction that should be considered is the effect that liposuction has on the untreated and adjacent areas. For example, when a person’s abdomen is made flat through liposuction, the breasts look fuller and more prominent. When love handles are suctioned, the buttocks looks fuller. When inner thighs are suctioned, the buttocks also looks better, as a result.

How Long Will the Benefits of Liposuction Last?

Liposuction results are permanent. The shape and the curves that you achieve through liposuction stay. The amount of subcutaneous fat that will remain in the treatment area of your body will be permanently altered. If you were to gain weight after liposuction, you would gain weight within your new shape. If you get an hourglass shape through liposuction, that hourglass shape will stay through moderate variations in weight. Of course, you will want to remain diligent in maintaining your excellent results through proper diet and exercise.

What are the risks with liposuction?

Any surgical procedure has a risk of bleeding and infection and injury to surrounding structures. With liposuction, there is the risk that you may have contour irregularities. People can develop seromas which need to be drained. Occasionally an incision will take longer to heal than usual. These risks are all very rarely seen. It is very unusual that a patient ever has a problem with liposuction recovery. Liposuction is a very safe procedure when performed by experienced practitioners.

What should I expect at my consultation?

My goal, as your surgeon, is to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve so that I can formulate the best possible way for you to get those results. I will have to consider your goals along with your body type and your overall condition. Sometimes patients come to the office and they know exactly what they need to have done and sometimes patients do not. That is okay. We can go through all the different options that are available to you and I can give you my opinion as to what you can expect from what you have chosen. The plan that we come up with will be specific to you and your needs. Each patient has a unique set of variables that affect my approach.

During a liposuction consultation, we will come up with an exact plan which considers how much fat to be removed and from where to remove it. If you allow me to, I will draw contour lines so that we can both understand exactly how the liposuction will be shaped. We will also have to consider contouring. One of the best benefits of liposuction is that I can taper in and taper out of treatment areas so that contours can be made to look natural.

Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction recovery is much easier than expected. Most patients are able to return to non-strenuous work within a few days. Very often, patients will have their liposuction on a Thursday and return to work on Monday. Generally, you should avoid strenuous activities until I have cleared you. I will see back in the office after 2 weeks for a checkup. I may release you to light exercise and activity at that point. There are no lifting restrictions after liposuction but there are overall activity restrictions. Too much movement after liposuction and too much bending and flexing of the treatment area will prolong swelling and may affect your results. You will have to wear a compressive garment for a month, over the treatment area. We will help you obtain that. Your incisions will just need a Band-Aid and Neosporin for a few days. People rarely suffer from significant pain after liposuction. I do prescribe a few pain pills but very often, they are completely unnecessary.

How Soon Will I See Results After Liposuction?

There may be some minor swelling and bruising after your session with Dr. Jensen, but generally you should get a pretty good idea of your new contour in just a few days. You will have some swelling for up to 4+ months. The swelling will slowly resolve over that time. You will instantly look better than you did before your liposuction. You will be able to recognize your new shape, immediately, but your result will improve over the next 4 to 6 months, as welling completely resolves.

Will I Have Scars from Liposuction Surgery?

Scarring is a normal side effect that occurs anytime the skin is broken. The cannula that's used during liposuction procedures is very small. Your procedure may require a small number of incisions that are only a couple of millimeters in length. This means that, although you'll technically have scarring, you probably won't have noticeable scars once you have fully recovered from your surgery.

How much fat can liposuction remove?

The amount of fat that can be removed in one liposuction session, depends on the patient and the area. Generally, a maximum amount of 5000 ml or 5 Liters can be removed. There are exceptions to this. In people with larger body size or a larger amount of fat, more than 5 L can be removed safely. In smaller people, there may be much less to remove. The point of liposuction is to achieve a certain shape. People often ask me if I can just remove all the fat in an area. That usually results in a major fat deficit, because there is normally a certain amount of fat in between your skin and your other tissues.

Again, a single liposuction procedure can remove as much as five liters of fatty tissue. This may be from a single area or across multiple areas. Five liters may translate to about 11 pounds. The amount of weight that you lose from liposuction isn't the primary benefit. This procedure is much more about your appearance and clothing size than your overall weight.

What People Say About Us!

My experience with Dr Joseph Jensen and his team was amazing from beginning to end. His front desk staff is courteous and friendly. I always felt like my questions and phone calls were answered and concerns were addressed. Dr. Jensen immediately put me at ease with his genuine care and knowledge. My liposuction surgery went fantastic and I couldn't be happier with the results. The day after surgery I was up and only experienced minor discomfort. It has been 3 month since my surgery and the results keep getting better. As an added bonus I got a great discount post op on Botox. I have been to his medspa and have had amazing results with every procedure.

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