Brown Spot Removal: Restore Your Youthful Glow

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What Are Brown Spots?

Known as hyperpigmentation or age spots, brown spots develop on the skin for several reasons: age, sun exposure, or medication. Brown spot removal is a common desire.

With laser spot removal, it is easier to correct compared to other methods. Brown spots occur on the face and hands when increased pigment molecules form in the skin. If these visible signs of aging are making you feel uncomfortable, learn about the unique advancements in skin care treatment with laser spot removal. Rejuvenate your skin. Get it back to that youthful glow. Make an appointment with Utah’s own Dr. Joseph Jensen DO

Brown Spot Treatment Options

Your skin is a canvas. Let your image show as a natural and pristine work of art. Using Cynosure skin rejuvenating treatments, Dr. Jensen selectively targets brown spots. This particular treatment works to restore discoloration and transform your skin back to its uniform complexion. Cynosure treatment generally works on a variety of skin types. Picosecond laser technology provides Dr. Jensen extreme control. High intensity light waves are directed toward the area to be treated. Optimized light is absorbed by the unwanted pigment through this gentle technique. Within a few days, the pigment begins to break apart and is sloughed through your body’s natural healing process.

What Treatment Is Right For My Age Spots?

Treatment is determined by the number and size of spots you want removed. Cynosure’s powerful treatment is safe and precise, providing unmatched advancement in skin care. Utilizing this light-based treatment, Dr. Jensen targets unwanted pigment to remove blemishes providing visible results in quicker time. Reduce the signs of aging and find comfort in your skin.

Don’t let brown spots detract from your appearance. Find out how leading-edge technology, used at our Utah practice, can grant the clear skin you desire. Contact Dr. Joseph Jensen today.

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Dr. Jensen and his fantastic team are anxious to get you on the road to a happier you. Call today, meet Dr. Jensen, and plan your procedure.

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