Tattoo Removal: Reasons to Get Rid of Your Ink

Tattoo removal Tattoos have become a cultural mainstay of self-expression and show no signs of falling out of favor. Though you can find an unending stream of stunning, well-designed tattoos all across the internet and in public places, there are just as many regrettable tattoos to be seen. Thanks to modern advancements and innovations in skin-safe laser technology, laser tattoo removal has never been more accessible and effective than it is today.

Laser tattoo removal works by using picosecond laser technology that fires rapid pulses of light to break apart the ink residing in your skin. Once broken down, your body’s natural processes begin to discard and flush out the ink. But what leads people to seek out laser tattoo removal?

Feelings of Regret About Your Tattoo or Design Choice

The first and most apparent reason is a tattoo that was ill-conceived from the get-go. Whether the tattoo was a silly design, poorly done, or you decided too late that you don’t actually want a tattoo, laser tattoo removal can help mend whatever the unfortunate mistake may be.

However, tattoo regret isn’t limited to a dislike of the tattoo itself. Many people often regret their tattoos as a result of specific industries and career paths, still looking down on tattoos beyond what is coverable by long-sleeved, collared shirts.

A Loss or Conflict of Meaning

Over time, your worldview and beliefs can change drastically. As such, individuals often find that a tattoo that once meant the world to them when they were younger no longer actually represents who they are and what they believe. Moreso, it may even be in direct conflict with your current set of beliefs. Either way, laser tattoo removal can help free yourself from that token of the past.

Faded or Poorly Aging Ink

Finally and most simply of all, tattoos eventually begin to fade in color and lose the crispiness of the linework. Depending on how well you keep your skin healthy overall, tattoos can start to fade much earlier than one might expect. Likewise, the tattoo artist’s skill and the quality of the ink used can also affect this time frame.

Straightforward and Effective Tattoo Removal at Elevation Aesthetics

For whatever reason you decide that you’re in need of laser tattoo removal, reach out to Dr. Joseph Jensen at 385-424-4567. Under his expert leadership, Elevation Aesthetics proudly serves Layton, UT, and its surrounding areas.

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