Are You Choosing to Be Lucky?

We all have the one person we look at that seems to have the ‘perfect’ life. They have the perfect career, the nicest home, the best looking spouse, etc. When we think of this person, we may begin to wonder how they got so lucky. But have you stopped to consider that being ‘lucky,’ is a choice?
The approach we take to life is a choice. Those who are viewed as ‘lucky’ have a different approach to life and take certain actions. Some choices that ‘lucky’ people make include:

  • Working Hard…without the need for constant recognition. Instead of fishing for compliments over social media about one’s accomplishments, ‘lucky’ people work hard quietly. They are constantly learning new things to help them refine their craft. They do not rely on luck, but instead take action to study, read, develop, and cultivate.
  • Surrounding Themselves with Positive Influences. Whether it be friends, family, coworkers, or even positive thoughts, ‘lucky’ people know that negativity is not productive.
  • Focusing on the End Goal. ‘Lucky’ people understand that while plans may change, goals don’t. They have a clear purpose for achieving that goal and work toward achieving it on a daily basis. Instead of making excuses for why they can’t achieve their goal, ‘lucky’ people make time to make it happen.
  • Being Guided by the Heart. ‘Lucky’ people are often passionate about their pursuits and tend to follow their heart and what feels right rather than over-thinking their options.
  • Trying New Things. Those who are seen as ‘lucky’ are often also seen as fearless. They are not afraid to go out and try new things if it means that thing may bring them closer to success. They prefer to keep moving forward rather than standing stagnant.
  • Being in the Moment. ‘Lucky’ people know they can’t change what happened yesterday and have no control over what happens tomorrow. Instead, they choose to live in the moment and focus on only the things they can control today.
  • Not Being Afraid to Fail. How many times did Edison fail before he successfully invented the light bulb? Walt Disney was fired for lacking original ideas, and failed at several small business attempts before finding success. Oprah Winfrey was fired for getting too emotionally involved in stories before going on to become the owner of a media empire. ‘Lucky’ people know that they will come through the failures if they continue to believe in themselves. While the path to achieving their goal may be a zigzag instead of a straight line, ‘lucky’ people learn from each ‘zig’ and ‘zag’ as they continue reaching for the end goal.
  • Practicing Gratitude. ‘Lucky’ people know that life is a gift and act accordingly. They give generously to others, admit their faults, apologize quickly and continue to learn.

‘Lucky’ people choose to make success their destination and understand that every step of life begins with a choice. The next time you look at your friend or neighbor that has all the ‘luck,’ consider the choices he or she is making on a daily basis to achieve the end result that appears to be ‘luck.’
If you are feeling down on your luck when it comes to body image, it may be time for you to take action like a ‘lucky’ person does, and call Dr. Jensen. With state-of-the-art laser treatments and Dr. Jensen on your side, your body is a work of art!
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