Varicose Veins are Super Lame

Do you suffer from a problem similar to Elaine’s?
In that you’re sick and tired of your varicose veins?
Are they big and blue?
Unsightly too?
And is confidence something you’ve come to feign?
If wearing a swimsuit’s something you disdain,
Or you opt out of skirts for something more plain,
Don’t be ashamed,
You can’t be blamed,
Because varicose veins are super lame.
You see, if you ask the vein expert, Dr. J,
If treatment’s purely cosmetic, he’ll say “nay.”
If your legs itch or burn,
Why not come and learn,
All that Dr. Jensen has to say?
Whether from genes, hypertension, or just getting old,
Veins become blocked with blood’s backward flow,
Much sitting or standing
Can be quite demanding,
And with time, your condition may worsen, we’re told.
“But vein treatment sounds scary, it sounds not very fun!
Surely it’s expensive to have something done…
Will he strip my veins out?
What’s it all about?
Quick, tell me there’s hope before I up and run!”
No, no. Don’t worry. There’s no need for concern.
Using radio frequency or lasers you’ll hardly feel burn,
It’s much less invasive
No time is wasted
So on your worries, go ahead and make an about turn!
“OK, it sounds safe. It sounds quite effective.
But such a procedure, that’s modern and elective
Is sure to cost a lot,
A financial knot!
What? Insurance may pay? Well, that changes my perspective!”
Yes. Come on in, both you and Elaine,
And stop suffering from varicose vein pain.
Dr. J knows his stuff.
No need to be tough!
With a free consultation, you’ve everything to gain!
Located in Layton, Utah, Dr. Joseph Jensen, DO is the surgeon of choice for people seeking laser liposuction, laser tattoo removal, or the lowest tummy tuck cost. Using top-­of-­the­-line, state-­of­-the-­art equipment and always displaying sincere compassion, Dr. Jensen takes great care to ensure your utmost safety as well as your desired surgical outcomes.
Aside from providing the lowest tummy tuck cost in Layton, Utah, Dr. Jensen also provides the following affordable solutions: laser liposuction, Smartlipo, facial rejuvenation, varicose veins treatment, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, brown spot removal, acne scar removal, and general surgery. To achieve your desired skin and body, visit Dr. Joseph Jensen, DO, go to or call (801) 728-9258 today!

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