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Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
does laser hair removal work
Dec 09

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

So, you are considering laser hair removal, huh? Tired of shaving, waxing and all of the other torture you have gone through to have smooth legs? We thought so.  But, you wonder, does laser hair removal work? Wonder no more. We are here to tell you about laser hair removal and why NOW is the perfect time to get started!

Winter is the best time to get started because it usually takes a few treatments to achieve near complete hair removal of any given area. This is because not every hair follicle is active at the same time. Hair follicles are usually active in three month cycles. Laser energy is applied to the area marked for removal and starts working it’s magic. This is how it works: The laser energy is attracted to the pigment in the growing hair. As long there is a hair shaft within the follicle the laser energy will be absorbed by the follicle, zapping it and causing the hair follicle to die. Because hairs grow in three month cycles, it is important to have several rounds of laser treatment. The exact number of treatments needed varies from person to person, depending on their specific hair and follicle needs.

While laser hair removal does not produce instant smoothness for that surprise beach vacation, it is a great way to prepare for those sexy summer getaways–next year, and forever after! If you start now, by the time the seasons get warmer, your skin can be soft and smooth and worry-free. Isn’t winter the time when you take a break from shaving anyway? Bring in your problem areas and start this permanent hair removal today!

P.S. Guys, we haven’t forgotten you. Laser hair removal is for you too! You can permanently trade in your “hair sweater” for the smooth and sexy back, chest, neck – even face – you always wanted. Call today!

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