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Don’t Accept a Fate of Wrinkles as You Age!
how to prevent wrinkles
May 01

Don’t Accept a Fate of Wrinkles as You Age!

Wrinkles may be known as lines of distinction and marks of maturity, but you don’t have to settle for wrinkles just yet! Taking care of your skin is easy with a few simple steps. The following will teach you how to prevent wrinkles, especially with warmer weather upon us.


Minimize Sun Exposure

Our skin is sensitive to UV rays, and though we need the Vitamin D, too much sun can lead to wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer. Research indicates that UV rays account for 80 percent of skin aging and wrinkles. Yikes! We don’t want you to keep waging a war on wrinkles, especially from sun damage. Don’t fret because it’s not too late to slow the wrinkling damage! Help care for your skin when you are outdoors with the protection of a hat, umbrella, or natural shade.


Apply Sunscreen

You should know the drill by now. Apply sunscreen with sun protection factor of at least 15 SPF thirty minutes before sun exposure to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Long-term UV exposure can lead to increased wrinkles and sun damaged skin. Make sure to use sunscreen with zinc oxide so you get a strong protective coating, such as our Alastin Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen available for purchase in Dr. Jensen’s Clinton office or online store.


Wear Sunglasses

Wrinkles often form at the corners of our eyes and between eyebrows. Wearing sunglasses can help protect your thin, sensitive skin in those areas from UV radiation and help avoid early wrinkling.


Change Sleeping Habits

Your skin needs vital repair time with an adequate night’s sleep, so don’t forget this crucial step in your wrinkle prevention! For further protection, sleep on your back and upgrade your pillowcase from cotton to silk or satin to avoid pillow-induced wrinkles.


Injectables for Eliminating Wrinkles

Now it’s easier than ever to treat wrinkles with injectables offered by Dr. Jensen. BOTOX® and Dysport® can smooth wrinkles and the outer layers of your skin, reduce the signs of aging and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, deep lines, and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers help reduce sagging and wrinkling skin. All of our injectables offer minimal pain and recovery time with long-lasting results.


Let Dr. Joseph Jensen help you prevent wrinkles with May’s wrinkle-reducing special: Purchase any injectable (BOTOX® or dermal filler) of $300 or more and receive a free Alastin sunscreen (a $55 value), an elegant, moisturizing, water-resistant sunscreen formulated with powerful zinc oxide, effective hydrators, antioxidants, and skin soothing phyto-nutrients.

Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation today! Visit or call (801) 728-9258.

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