Let It Go!

Just this title has brought the now famous song lyrics into your head… probably to stay there all day. Sorry about that but, that movie’s wintery theme is the perfect back drop to discuss the benefits of letting go.
We have all heard it a million times: Accept the things you cannot change. It’s easier to say than to do, for sure. First, recognizing that there are things that you actually cannot change can be the trickiest part of it. Stepping back from whatever the situation is can definitely help. When it comes to people, acceptance can be very difficult. Perhaps the best method for gaining acceptance (especially where people are concerned) is to approach the situation from an all-encompassing perspective. If everyone is something you can’t change, then all there is to do is accept them. They are the way they are and they are not the way they are not. It might take practice but once you can master this bit, you may find yourself in a true state of grace, at peace – no matter the circumstances – knowing that it is beyond your reach and that’s OK.
Letting go of expectations is another hurdle to happiness. There’s what you expect yourself to look, feel, and be like and what you feel others expect you to look, feel, and do. Then, there are the things we expect others to do, look, and be like. It can go on and on. All of these expectations set you up for something… usually disappointment. And, really, can anyone live up to the impossible standards we hold ourselves and others to? Letting go of expectations can leave you feeling lighter, more grounded, and can take relationships from difficult to loving.
Let “it” go… expectations and the need for control. All you have to lose is resentment and anger. With a little practice you may just end up happier, lighter, and more content. We will be practicing right along with you to, “Let. It. Go…”

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