Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction: toned and defined once again!

Cellulite reduction treatment

What is cellulite and why does it matter?

Your skin is composed of fibrous tissue that runs like threading through the body. Cellulite is characterized as fat that has pushed past the connective tissue and become visible through now dimpled skin. Cellulite is caused by a couple specific reasons: genetics and hormones. These are circumstances beyond your control, but you can remedy the situation and significantly reduce cellulite from your body. Turn your fantasy of a toned body into reality by calling Dr. Joseph Jensen today.

What Is Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction?

It’s typical to want a smooth, contoured body. However, nearly 90% of women deal with cellulite. Don’t let imperfections affect your self-esteem. Take action! Call Utah’s leading Cellulaze cellulite removal treatment professional.

Expectations of Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction

With any medical procedure, you want the best quality physician to perform the procedure. Dr. Jensen will talk you through the various cellulite removal treatments available and Cellulite in woman's thighsprovide the most advanced technology to generate optimal results. Though a natural part of aging, cellulite can cause unwanted thoughts and poor body image. You’re not alone. Jensen’s Utah practice wants to help rebuild your self-esteem with the best care.

What Areas Can Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment Target?

Through our cellulite reduction treatments, Dr. Jensen targets the source of cellulite in your thighs, bottom, or belly, helping to restore your body back to a toned and refined figure you will want to show off.

How Does Cellulite Reduction Work?

Dr. Jensen uses laser cellulite removal treatments to target your body’s dimpled skin. The Cellulaze treatment is unique and typically lasts up to three years, although results may vary. Deep penetrating lasers target the septae and connective tissues making them more flexible than rigid, allowing fat cells to rest naturally and smoothly versus bulging upward through the skin. An extra benefit of this advanced technological procedure is its ability to tighten and thicken the skin while promoting collagen growth.

How Long Do Results Last After Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction?

Cellulaze cellulite reduction has provided lasting results in many, many patients. Liberate your body from lumps and dimples. Let Dr. Jensen sculpt your body with this minimally invasive cellulite treatment.

Don’t let imperfections take your self esteem. Take action!

Dr. Jensen and his fantastic team are anxious to get you on the road to a happier you. Call today, meet Dr. Jensen, and plan your procedure.



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