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The Da Vinci Surgical System
Apr 27

The Da Vinci Surgical System

The name Da Vinci and art go hand in hand. Now, that art is available in the form of advanced robotic surgery with Dr. Jensen and the Da Vinci surgical system. This system allows surgeons, like Dr. Jensen to perform minimally invasive surgery and change the surgical experience and healing process.

By using the Da Vinci system, Dr. Jensen is able to combine his surgical skills with the precise and accurate movements of an advanced robotics system. The robotics systems provides Dr. J with a 3D image of the area he is working in, and gives him 100% control while acting like his hand. Due to the small incisions, recovery time is shortened allowing you to get back to your life.

While surgery can be difficult to think about, with Dr. J and the Da Vinci system, even your surgery is a work of art! You can learn more about the Da Vinci surgical system by visiting our General Surgery page.

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