ThermiVa and Urinary Incontinence

Are you afraid to sneeze, jump on a trampoline, or laugh till your sides hurt because you might accidentally pee your pants? You might be embarrassed to talk about incontinence, but you’re not alone. According to the National Association for Continence, nearly 25 million Americans struggle with bladder control, with nearly 80% of those numbers representing women. We’re on a mission to help women find the right urinary incontinence treatment.
What Causes Urinary Incontinence?
Your bladder may not be living up to your expectations because the urinary sphincter has either lost or weakened the control of urine flow. A number of factors can lead to women experiencing urinary incontinence, including:

  • Hormonal changes from pregnancy and the weight or the fetus can result in stress incontinence
  • Childbirth can weaken your bladder control muscles and also damage bladder supportive tissue, resulting in urinary incontinence
  • Your bladder muscles can’t store as much urine and involuntary bladder contractions can increase as you age
  • Menopause means women produce less estrogen, a vital hormone for keeping the bladder lining healthy
  • After a hysterectomy, the pelvic floor muscles may be damaged, which can lead to incontinence

How Do You Treat Urinary Incontinence?
You may think urinary incontinence isn’t a big deal, but it can negatively impact your daily life. We think it’s about time you do something about it. Don’t wait around for the next “oops” moment after you sneeze or laugh before learning about urinary incontinence treatment options. Start learning about a simple and effective procedure called ThermiVa®, a skin and tissue tightening treatment for vaginal rejuvenation that can change a woman’s life.
How Does ThermiVa® Work?
The ThermiVa wand delivers radiofrequency heat to specific areas, can help create tighter collagen bundles and stimulate new collagen production for tighter tissues. Radiofrequency thermal treatments have been used safely and therapeutically for many years.
ThermiVa is helping women see results for urinary incontinence. The full treatment series requires three separate treatments over the course of three months. Full results can last up to a year, with a single touch up required once or twice a year.
Vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVa can be a life-changing procedure, especially since aging, childbirth, and menopause can cause troublesome urinary incontinence for women. ThermiVa can safely and painlessly reduce the symptoms you’ve been silently enduring.
Find the Right Professional
Make sure you find a professional trained in ThermiVa treatments. Dr. Joseph Jensen is a board certified general surgeon, with specific training in the ThermiVa procedure. Contact Dr. Jensen today for a free consultation and enjoy this month’s* special: One FREE bikini area laser hair removal with the purchase of a ThermiVa vaginal tightening treatment. You can enjoy the benefits of new life to both your bladder and bikini areas! For more information, visit here.

*Offer ends September 30, 2017

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  1. Right urinary incontinence treatment, especially for women, is the key to curing the underlying disorder completely. The new technology of thermiva that you have mentioned will be one of the best treatments for UI.

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