Aging Gracefully, Redefined

They say, “Age gracefully”. What does that mean? If we choose to age gracefully, does that mean letting your grays fly free? Does that mean surrendering to the earmarks of time’s passing with ease and acceptance? Not necessarily.
The notion of “having a little work done” has come a long way. When we were young we thought that WE would never be the one to need that particular service. Then time and life happened. The little brown spots appeared across our foreheads, even though we slathered on the sunscreen. The veins started spidering and protruding from our calves, even though we did yoga. The stretch marks appeared across our thighs and bellies, even though we moisturized religiously. They all serve as cruel reminders of the ticking clock. While it is definitely important to love and accept yourself, it’s no longer a requirement of healthy aging to accept these little imperfections.
Just like we’ve progressed beyond fax machines and rotary phones, skin care technology has surpassed the pumice stone and moisturizing cream. While our grandmothers are busy forwarding emails in all caps, why don’t we explore the new technology in “a little work”? Dr. Joseph Jensen offers the latest in non-surgical treatments for everything from brown spot removal and skin tightening to varicose vein and tattoo removal. Let us help you create a new meaning for the words “aging gracefully”.

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