Botox versus Dysport

an attractive smiling mid adult woman on blue background While not as dramatic as Batman vs. Superman or Ironman vs. Captain America, Botox versus Dysport is a worthy throwdown in the aesthetic universe. Everyone knows Botox, one of the world’s most identifiable brand names and the most popular cosmetic procedure year in and year out.

Not as many people know Dysport, a rival neuromodulator that works just like Botox. Dysport was approved by the FDA seven years after Botox, in 2009.

Dr. Jensen offers both Botox and Dysport for our patients at our Layton practice. Let’s get into them in this tulip-filled March blog.

How do Botox and Dysport work?

Botox and Dysport are both categorized at neuromodulators. They work by blocking the nerve messages sent from the muscles to the brain. Once a muscle is injected with Botox/Dysport, it blocks the acetylcholine and the brain never receives the message to contract the muscle, so it remains at rest. You can see how effective that would be for involuntary muscle spasms, which were the first approved uses for both Botox and Dysport (Botox for involuntary eyelid spasms and Dysport for cervical dystonia).

So, how do they erase wrinkles? Some wrinkles, known as dynamic wrinkles, form after repeated muscle contractions under the skin. These wrinkles occur on the upper third of the face, the expressive area, when we make expressions such as frowning, showing surprise, and others. If you form a scowl as you’re reading this, you can feel the muscles around your eyes, around your eyebrows, and on your forehead engage. Over time and hundreds of thousands of contractions, a wrinkle begins to form on the surface skin when you contract those muscles.

When Botox or Dysport is injected into the muscle, it keeps the muscle from contracting. Without the contraction, the wrinkle on the surface skin never forms.

How is Botox different than Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are very similar, but they have some subtle differences. Both work the same way on dynamic wrinkles. Some people think Dysport lasts one month longer than Botox, but that hasn’t been clinically proven. The two products are diluted differently, so it takes more Dysport to achieve the same results as Botox, but the price is cheaper, so it equals out in the end. Dysport is made of smaller molecules compared to Botox. This allows Dysport to start working a day or so faster than Botox. It also allows Dysport to be spread to a larger area. But the smaller molecules also make Dysport more difficult to work with when treating smaller areas.

Where can Botox and Dysport be used?

These products only work on dynamic wrinkles. These form on the upper third of the face. Botox and Dysport erase crow’s feet at the outsides of the eyes, the 11s between the eyebrows, and forehead lines.

Ready to teach your crow’s feet or frown lines who’s the boss? Call Dr. Jensen’s at (385) 424-4567 and schedule an injection session for Botox or Dysport.

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