Fat Reduction! Dr. Jensen’s Fifth Expert Guest Appearance on Studio 5

Hey, fans of Studio 5! Check out Dr. Joseph Jensen’s fun and informative segment talking about fat reduction! And don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for more videos about the services that Dr. Jensen offers.
Synopsis: Reaching a weight loss plateau can be very frustrating! This happens to everyone, when that last little fatty area just won’t budge. It seems that you have to give in and live with the shape you’ve got, or come and see Dr. Jensen. He has different options for fat reduction and to get you reshaped!
The first option Dr. Jensen discusses is SmartLipo. This is a great technology for removing unwanted fat. The procedure is done in his office with minimal anesthetic. SmartLipo is different from traditional liposuction in that it uses laser technology to achieve a faster, smoother, better result. The laser in SmartLipo also helps with skin tightening, a great, extra benefit. In a nutshell, SmartLipo = better Lipo.
The second option is tummy tuck. Tummy tuck and Lipo are two different things and are needed in different situations. Tummy tuck is used when there is an excess of extra skin. The great thing about tummy tuck is, the muscles that have been stretched by things like childbirth can be tightened. That flat stomach that patients had before having babies can be restored!
The third option is CoolSculpting®. This exciting new procedure is completely non invasive. With no needles and no incisions you can see a 25-40% reduction in the fat area. CoolSculpting freezes fat cells that then simply disappear. You can get this procedure done on your lunch break and go right back to work!
For more information, visit Dr. Joseph Jensen’s website or call 385-424-4567. Don’t wait! Schedule your consultation today!

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