Fat Transfer Made Better with BeautiFill

Dr. Jensen is one of the first surgeons in the nation to offer the brand new BeautiFill™ Fat Transfer & Body Sculpting system. It’s a state-of-the-art fat transfer that improves the process immeasurably.

What is fat transfer?

Clinically called “autologous fat transfer,” this is a procedure where fat is removed from an unwanted area, such as the lower abdomen, is purified and then re-injected into an area where the patient wants to add volume, such as the face or buttocks.

Until the debut of Alma’s BeautiFill™ system, fat transfer was an inconsistent process. The fat first had to be removed by manual liposuction, which removed the fat cells, but often handled them with too much force. This meant that many of the fat cells wouldn’t successful “take” when transferred. This made for up to 40 percent loss of the re-injected fat. Because of this, results were hard to predict.

How is BeautiFill™ different?

BeautiFill™ is the first laser-based fat transfer technology to standardize the entire fat transfer process. BeautiFill™ is a closed-loop process, meaning the fat is removed, purified, and available for re-injection without ever leaving the system. This make contamination virtually impossible, and it makes for much more successful fat transfer.

The BeautiFill™ cannula is inserted and it distributes laser energy into the area where the fat is to be harvested. This energy loosens the connections of the fat cells, freeing them for aspiration. The fat cells then enter the BeautiFill™ purifying system, where the fat cells are separated from blood, oil, and any tissue. This is a dramatic improvement over manual methods. Check out these numbers:

BeautiFill ™is much more selective when it removes the fat, taking far less blood and oil than manual liposuction. BeautiFill™ takes:

  • 98.9% adipose tissue (fat)
  • 1.1% blood
  • % oil

Mechanical liposuction takes:

  • 60% adipose tissue (fat)
  • 18% blood
  • 12% oil

This also makes the fat far more viable for re-injection, meaning more of it will take for the long-term. BeautiFill™ has an average viability of its fat cells of 95.7% compared with 79.7% with manual liposuction and processing.

If you’re interested in fat transfer to add volume to your face, the backs of your hands, or your buttocks, Dr. Jensen’s new BeautiFill™ system is the answer. Call us at (801) 728-9258 to schedule a consultation.

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