What Is CoolSculpting? A Liposuction Alternative

I’m Dr. Joseph Jensen. Today we’re talking about CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting is a marvelous technology that was developed through researchers at Harvard Medical School. And they found that, originally noted that children who sucked on popsicles had some fat loss in their cheeks and that exposure to fat caused cell fat death in children’s cheeks. Luckily for the kids that had that happen, when you’re young enough you can make more fat cells, and so they recovered the fat in their cheeks.
But that spermed the idea that maybe in adults, exposure to cold could induce fat loss. And so the technology was developed and the result is CoolSculpting, which is the application of freezing fat and that results in the loss of fat cells and reshaping of your body. It doesn’t totally replace liposuction. Sometimes liposuction is is the best tool and sometimes CoolSculpting is the best tool.
But, the nice thing about CoolSculpting is that it’s non-surgical. Completely non-surgical. So, people come to the office, they sit in the chair, they have the CoolSculpting applicators applied to them, and 35 minutes later an area is treated. And then what happens is over a couple of days the fat cells begin to die. And then in about a month the area of fat that you wanted to have reduced, starts to shrink.
If you have liposuction in your tummy for example, this is a surgical technique. So, there’s cannulas and there’s bleeding. It’s a marvelous technique in the way of reshaping the body. With CoolSculpting results can be achieved in an almost completely painless procedure and a quick and easy recovery period.
If you have an area in your body that you want treated, that you want improved, an area that you maybe can’t get rid of despite diet and exercise, come and talk to us. We we have options available for you. CoolSculpting may be the best thing for you. But, maybe you need liposuction or maybe you need a tummy tuck or maybe there’s another way we can help you. But certainly, CoolSculpting is an exciting technology that you won’t regret having had done.
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Using top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art equipment and always displaying sincere compassion, Dr. Jensen takes great care to ensure your utmost safety as well as your desired surgical outcomes. To achieve your desired skin and body, visit Dr. Joseph Jensen, DO, go to DrJosephJensen.com or call (801) 728-9258 today!

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